Synchronize data between BungeeCord proxies
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ValioBungee is RedisBungee Limework's Fork, name change is trying for us to be compliant with Redis Trademarks usage. Which will only effect Repository name only, jar name NOT PLUGIN Name, but not internals etc...

This fork is backward compatible for bungeecord plugins that compiled with RedisBungee pre fork 0.5, so if you want to recompile using the new api you have to adapt the changes in the code if you still have access to the code.

The original project of RedisBungee is no longer maintained, so we forked it. ValioBungee is used to Synchronize players data between BungeeCord or Velocity proxies, such as if player is online on the network, server and proxy player on, last online, uuid to name translation, last server join on connect, etc.




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This project is distributed under Eclipse Public License 1.0

You can find it here

You can find the original RedisBungee is by astei and project can be found here or spigot page here, but its no longer available