Synchronize data between BungeeCord proxies
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RedisBungee fork By Limework

Spigot link: click

The main project of RedisBungee is no longer maintained, so we have forked the plugin.

if you are here for transfering players to another proxy when the first proxy crashs or whatever this plugin wont do it, tell mojang to implement transfer packet

RedisBungee uses Redis to Synchronize data between BungeeCord proxies

Velocity version is comming in next few months.

Supported Redis versions

Redis version Supported

Implementing RedisBungee in your plugin: RedisBungee Build

RedisBungee is distributed as a maven project.

first, install it to your maven local repo as we don't have public maven repo.

git clone
cd RedisBungee
mvn clean install

then to import for bungeecord use:


Second method by using jitpack

first, add this repository


then add this in your dependencies


Notice 2: users on

please create the issues on GitHub as its main project source.



REDISBUNGEE REQUIRES A REDIS SERVER, preferably with reasonably low latency. The default config is saved when the plugin first starts.


This project is distributed under Eclipse Public License 1.0

You can find it here

You can find the original RedisBungee by minecrafter here or spigot page here


You can join our matrix room here



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