Synchronize data between BungeeCord proxies
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RedisBungee fork By Limework

The original project of RedisBungee is no longer maintained, so we have forked the plugin.

RedisBungee uses Redis with Java client Jedis to Synchronize players data between BungeeCord or Velocity* proxies

Velocity*: version 3.1.2 or above is only supported, any version below that might work but might be unstable #40

compatibility with original RedisBungee in Bungeecord ecosystem

This fork ensures compatibility with old plugins, so it should work as drop replacement, but since Api has been split from the platform there some changes that have to be done, so your plugin might not work if:

  • there is none at the moment, please report any findings at the issue page.

Cluster mode compatibility in version 0.8.0:

If you are using static legacy method RedisBungee#getPool() it might fail in:

  • if Cluster mode is enabled, due fact its Uses different classes
  • if JedisPool compatibility mode is disabled in the config due fact project internally switched to JedisPooled than Jedis


This project is distributed under Eclipse Public License 1.0

You can find it here

You can find the original RedisBungee is by astei and project can be found here or spigot page here, but its no longer available


If you are looking to use Original RedisBungee without a change to internals, with critical bugs fixed, please use version 0.6.5 and java docs For legacy Version 0.6.5 as its last version before internal changes. please note that you will not get support for any old builds unless critical bugs effecting both 0.6.5 and 0.7.0 or above.

if you are here for transferring players to another proxy when the first proxy crashes or whatever this plugin won't do it, tell mojang to implement transfer packet Click here, for more information about transfer packet

SpigotMC resource page: click

Supported Redis versions

Redis version Supported

Implementing RedisBungee in your plugin: RedisBungee Build

RedisBungee is distributed as a maven project.

By using jitpack

Setup jitpack repository



add this in your project dependencies


then in your project plugin.yml add RedisBungee to depends like this

name: "yourplugin"
main: your.main.class
version: 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT
author: idk
depends: [ RedisBungee ]



then to make your plugin depends on RedisBungee, make sure your plugin class Annotation have @Dependency(id = "redisbungee") like this

  id = "myplugin",
  name = "My Plugin",
  version = "0.1.0-beta",
  dependencies = {
    @Dependency(id = "redisbungee")
public class PluginMainClass {


Getting the latest commits to your code

If you want to use the latest commits without waiting for releases. first, install it to your maven local repo

git clone
cd RedisBungee
mvn clean install

then use any of these in your project.



For current version 0.8.0


REDISBUNGEE REQUIRES A REDIS SERVER, preferably with reasonably low latency. The default config is saved when the plugin first starts.


You can join our matrix room here



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