Best mixed mode plugin for Velocity. Let official Minecraft accounts keep their premium UUID, while allowing offline mode players. Prevent name conflicts by adding "-" character to offline players.

Updated 3 days ago

Reset your Minecraft minigame worlds fast and without lag!

Updated 2 weeks ago

Skript addon for SQL support in Skript (SQLite, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL)

Updated 3 months ago

this plugin for spigot creates ssh tunnel between server that contains a service that you will like to link without exposing on the internet

Updated 7 months ago

Skript addon for Redis communication between servers.

Updated 7 months ago

The koolest Skript addon for cooldowns

Updated 1 year ago

A script written in Skript to apply below name score to players with packets. Useful when you want to apply it only in a specific world instead of the whole server.

Updated 1 year ago