The koolest Skript addon for cooldowns
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The koolest skript addon for cooldowns

With this addon you can create cooldowns with good performance, without worrying of deleting variables, etc. Expired cooldowns will be automatically deleted in a very optimized way. Everything is made with maximum performance in mind, you should be able to safely have millions of cooldowns running simultaneously.


Start a cooldown

(create|start) [a] cooldown %string% for %timespan%

Example: start cooldown "example%player%" for 45 seconds

Stop a cooldown

(reset|stop|delete|clear) cooldown %string%"

Example: stop cooldown "example%player%"

Check if cooldown is over

cooldown %string% (is|has) (finished|over|done)
cooldown %string% is(n't| not) unfinished)
cooldown %string% is(n't| not) (finished|over|done)
cooldown %string% is unfinished

cooldown "example%player%" is over

Display cooldown time

set {_cd} to cooldown "example%player%"
send "This cooldown will be over in %{_cd}%"

Extend/Reduce existing cooldown

add 5 seconds to cooldown "example%player%"
if cooldown "example%player%" is not higher than 5 seconds:
  remove 5 seconds from cooldown "example%player%"


  • Should work on about any Minecraft version on which Skript works, cooldowns do not interact with Minecraft code in any way
  • Incompatible with WolvSK addon cooldowns due to syntax conflict, just use Skooldown instead