Skript addon for SQL support in Skript (SQLite, MySQL, MariaDB and more supported with some configuration)
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Sensible SQL support for Skript.

Difference from original skript-db

  • Fixed local variables disappearance in newer Skript versions (very hacky fix, but it works, so that's good!)
  • Thread-pool size is now automatically increasing on demand with use of CachedThreadPool, instead of a fixed hard-coded number
  • Uses newer versions of dependencies (Increased performance and security)
  • Replaced synchronously execute with quickly execute, which allows to speed up queries by 50ms with some risk
  • SQL Driver is configurable
  • A few variable type related bugs fixed
  • Uses Java 11 instead of Java 8


  1. Use 1.8+ Minecraft server version.
  2. Use Skript 2.5+ (1.8 Skript fork is needed if you're using 1.8)
  3. Use Java 11+ (If you use 1.8, a spigot fork is needed to support Java 11+)
  4. Put skript-db in plugins folder and restart the server

Expression Data Source => datasource

Stores the connection information for a data source. This should be saved to a variable in a script load event or manually through an effect command.

The url format for your database may vary! The example provided uses a MySQL database.


[the] data(base|[ ]source) [(of|at)] %string%


set {sql} to the database "mysql://localhost:3306/mydatabase?user=admin&password=12345&useSSL=false"

Effect Execute Statement

Executes a statement on a database and optionally stores the result in a variable. Expressions embedded in the query will be escaped to avoid SQL injection.

If a single variable, such as {test}, is passed, the variable will be set to the number of affected rows.

If a list variable, such as {test::*}, is passed, the query result will be mapped to the list variable in the form {test::<column name>::<row number>}

If quickly is specified, the SQL query will be done without jumping back to main thread, which speeds it up by 50ms, however that makes code after it to also be on separate thread, you can jump back to main thread by adding wait a tick


[quickly] execute %string% (in|on) %datasource% [and store [[the] (output|result)[s]] (to|in) [the] [var[iable]] %-objects%]


execute "select * from table" in {sql} and store the result in {output::*}
execute "select * from %{table variable}%" in {sql} and store the result in {output::*}

Expression Last Data Source Error => text

Stores the error from the last executed statement, if there was one.


[the] [last] (sql|db|data(base|[ ]source)) error

Expression Unsafe Expression => text

Opts out of automatic SQL injection protection for a specific expression in a statement.


unsafe %text%


execute "select %unsafe {columns variable}% from %{table variable}%" in {sql}
execute unsafe {fully dynamic query} in {sql}



# Only change this if you wish to use a different driver than Java's default, like MariaDB driver.
# If you use MariaDB, its driver is shaded together with skript-db, so you can just specify: "org.mariadb.jdbc.Driver"
sql-driver-class-name: "default"