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Static Site Generator

Generates simple webpages.

How to use

  1. Create a file with .page extension in the same directory as, the file name will be title of the page, for example:
  2. Use markdown in the created file, it will be auto-converted to HTML. You can also use raw HTML in the file, with > symbol, like this:
  <p>Hello world</p>
**Back to just markdown**

Line before HTML code must be a single character > and HTML code below must be indented by 2 spaces. You can also use Markdown inside HTML, for example:

<p>**Hello world**<p>

will display as bold.

  1. (Optional) Create a file called navbar and/or footer to have a navigation bar/footer that is added to every generated page file. Example navbar file: (See example/resources/style.css for styling dropdown)
External Site;
  Site 1;
  Site 2;

It also supports HTML, but HTML code will not be formatted as navigation bar automatically.

  1. (Optional) Add resources folder, its contents will be copied to generated site's folder. You can create subfolders in it that have the same name as a specific .page file, in order to put resources in that page's folder. Note: folder name must be lowercase and spaces must be replaced with - character.

  2. Run, it will generate output website files in website-output folder.

To-do list

  • Re-think footer
  • Delete removed page files from website-output during next site generation (Last, to be done on release, so it doesn't disturb development)